It all started when...

... I was given the opportunity to invent and build a product (The Corn Crusher) in 5th grade. I was endlessly curious about how seemingly unrelated parts could be combined to solve problems and could be used to create something beautiful like a film or an electronic gadget. Whether it was the newest Hollywood film or a Tamagotchi, I knew I was witnessing magic and I had to understand how that magic was created.  

So, when I had to invent a product in elementary school, I knew this was my chance to build something that not only looked good but was useful as well. I wanted to give women in developing countries the opportunity to build their own mortar and pestle using affordable and available resources. I studied common cooking methods, kitchen tools and their mechanics and I designed a prototype. Using a one-gallon milk jug, wooden dowels, and some nails, I created a product that repurposed existing resources to solve common cooking problems.    

This same desire to build and create led me to pursue a career in Film and Television production. Working alongside Wes Anderson, not only was I able to organize, build, and create a film, but I was able to understand the precision and focus required to bring a vision to life.

Later, I joined an early stage analytics startup in San Francisco where I applied the writing and organizational skills I developed on set to help create and shape the company's messaging and brand.

I'm now a graduate student at UC Berkeley where I'm creating my own magic through building products that are beautiful in design, organized with precision, and operate using simple mechanics.